Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Look it's BARNABAS!

Pittsburgh DARK SHADOWS FAN Donna J.Stack tries on the BARNABAS COLLINS HALLOWEEN costume from ELOPE.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

May 8th, 1991 DARK SHADOWS RALLY in Pittsburgh

At WPXI (NBC Affiliate) television hill in Pittsburgh, PA's NORTHSIDE. DARK SHADOWS fan RALLY to SAVE the 1990's DARK SHADOWS series.
This from my fellow Dark Shadows and FaceBook friend -
All across the USA on May 8, 1991, fans of the NBC "Dark Shadows" revival series held rallies of support for the show at the NBC broadcast stations in the major cities of the country. NBC was considering canceling the show even though the ratings were improving. (The show debuted the same week that the Gulf War started and many people missed it because they were watching the war on CNN.) Despite the rallies and thousands of letters of support, (then) NBC vice-president Warren Littlefield canceled the show. However, not long after this, Littlefield approached "Dark Shadows" creator Dan Curtis about making several made-for-TV DS movies. Unfortunately, it was too late, because the cast had moved on to other projects (Adrian Paul to "War of the Worlds" and "Highlander"; Joseph Gordon-Levitt to "3rd Rock from the Sun"; etc...) I led the rally in Washington, DC. Art Campbell came out to interview us and, like the totally unprofessional jerk he is, tried to make us out to be angry protestors. I stressed to him that we were there to SUPPORT DS not to condemn NBC. He kept trying to compare the "Dark Shadows" revival to the recently canceled "Twin Peaks", which was a wonderful, quirky show (that also was canceled too soon) but very different from DS. I wonder what Art "Nice Tie" Campbell thinks about "Dark Shadows" now, with the TIm Burton/Johnny Depp film slated to debut in May 2012? "Dream on" indeed, Mr. Campbell!