Saturday, September 30, 2017

Suspiria - Uncut Version and New Restoration Public · Hosted by Synapse Films and Row House Cinema OCTOBER 20th,2017

October 20October 31
Oct 20 at 12 PM to Oct 31 at 3 PM
  • Row House Cinema
    4115 Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

  • The Pittsburgh Premiere of Dario Argento’s restored Suspiria.

    A brand new restoration for the 40th Annivesrary, in its original uncut format.

    October 20th - 31st
    Showtimes and Tickets coming soon.

    Synase has spent the last 4 years restoring the film in partnership with the original Director of Photography Luciano Tovoli. The film looks beautiful and you haven't seen it like this before. Note: this is not the original 35mm touring version, but an actual restoration. Also, they added the original four-track soundtrack that was designed exclusively for the exhibition of “Suspiria” at marquee picture houses in Europe during its first run in the ’70s.

    More about the release

    More about Suspiria
    Suzy (Jessica Harper) travels to Germany to attend ballet school. When she arrives, late on a stormy night, no one lets her in, and she sees Pat (Eva Axen), another student, fleeing from the school. When Pat reaches her apartment, she is murdered. The next day, Suzy is admitted to her new school, but has a difficult time settling in. She hears noises, and often feels ill. As more people die, Suzy uncovers the terrifying secret history of the place.

    Saturday, August 19, 2017


    The show aired on DECADES last year for the 50th Anniversary of the series!